Current Materials Workflow

The purpose of this article is to illustrate the process of ordering materials for Lincoln Learning Solutions (LLS) courses.

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Material Ordering Strategy

To successfully complete Lincoln Learning courses, materials are a necessity. There are multiple avenues that can be taken when ordering materials.

Please begin by clicking here to review the cost associated to material when purchased through LLS. 

TIP: It is recommended to clarify a purchasing strategy for all students at the time of implementation. This works best when a strategy is consistent for all students verses varying per course per student.

During the demonstration process, the importance of student materials will be discussed, as well as the different options LLS offers.

Currently, LLS has multiple offerings for course materials for Pulse Users. Clients have the option to:

  • purchase all materials
  • purchase some materials
  • to decline purchasing of all materials

LLS suggests clients purchase all materials.

If the client chooses to purchase none of the materials, they are expected to obtain the materials on their own.

If the client chooses to purchase only some of materials, they will be prompted to clarify which materials and define their purchasing strategy.

WARNING: Non-Pulse Clients only have the option to purchase all materials or none of the materials. This information is documented in a separate worksheet and provided to LLS from the client.

Once the client decides what strategy is best for them, the information will be stored on the client’s Academic Snapshot. If there is any confusion on the situation, the Client Success Specialist will reach out to the client for clarification.

Types of Materials

Materials are sold in these separate categories; Course Kit, Worksheet Collection, Parent and Teacher Guide, and Lincoln Printed Materials.

  • Course Kit: Includes hands-on and prepackaged items (i.e. ruler, notebook paper, pencils, microscope, rock kit, etc.). If the client chooses to forgo the Course Kit, the items in the course kit can be purchased individually on Amazon.
  • Worksheet Collection: All PDFs found within the course in a preprinted bound workbook. These worksheets can be printed by the client. 
  • Parent and Teacher Guide: Guide in a preprinted bond book. The Parent and Teacher Guide can be printed by the client.
  • Lincoln Printed Materials: LLS-created and embedded printed resources, such as flash cards, reference sheets, literature collections etc. All LLS-created and embedded resources can be printed by the client.

TIP: Below are additional support resources for ordering materials. 

  • Click here to be redirected to our Course Materials page for more information.
  • Click here for tips for ordering from Amazon.
  • Click here for tips on how to print course materials from the website. 
  • Click here for tips on how to print worksheets within activities. 


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