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This article provides an overview of the search fields within the Digital Library in Buzz.


To learn more about narrowing your search, explore the search field options here.

Collection Start here. In order to harness the power of the advanced search of the Digital Library powered by Lincoln Learning Solutions, you must select the Lincoln Learning Object Repository option from the dropdown.
Search Text Search text will search only the name of each learning object.
Title This field narrows your search to learning objects in a specific course. Use the course dropdown to select one of the Empowered courses.
Objective This field is useful only if your course has appropriate alignment. It is not a recommended option.
Activity Type

This field identifies various Buzz activity options. Most learning objects are custom activities, so this field may not be necessary.

TIP: To find online Buzz Assessments, remember to change the Activity Type to Assessments and leave the IT Type as IT Type.

Keywords searches related concept key terms associated to learning objects. These keywords may differ from some of the terms found within the title.

TIP: When you adjust the Title (course name) or Collection (library name) dropdown menus, your entries in the Keywords and Standard Notation fields will clear. For this reason, you should begin your search with the Collection dropdown menu.
Grade Level This narrows your search to a particular grade level. If you have already narrowed by course name, you may not need to use this field.
Subject Use this field to search by subject area. If you have already narrowed by course name, you may not need to use this field.
IT Type

Use this field to narrow by learning object – or “It” – type (e.g., Practice It, Watch It, Reinforce It). You may also search for an “It” type using the Keywords field.

IT Types: Apply, ApplyAK, Assess, AssessAK, Extend, ExtendAK, Play, Practice, PracticeAK, Read, Reinforce, ReinforceAK, Resource, Show, ShowAK, Teach, Watch. Watch the What Is a Learning Object? video to learn more about our IT types.

NOTE: An AK is an Answer Key for an IT type. Furthermore, a Resource is an item that supports a course.
Standard Notation

This field searches each learning object’s metadata for an aligned national learning standard code.

EXAMPLE: After you enter the Common Core English Language Arts code “CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RL.3.1” in this field, your search will show learning objects aligned to the standard.


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