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This article provides a quick explanation of the For Me Folder.


When you use the Clipboard to personalize student learning, you need to identify a location in the course to place the activity. This way, the student to whom the work was assigned will see the item in this location, but other students will not. Once you assign the activity through the Clipboard, the student is issued the activity, and it is placed in your designated location.

Students can access activities where you have placed them or by going to their GRADEBOOK and clicking on the For Me tab. As a teacher, after you assign an activity to a student from the CLIPBOARD, you can only access those details again by going to the GRADEBOOK and finding the activity in the For Me tab.

The For Me tab does not identify where the item was designated to be located. Rather, it gives you a link to that activity as well as details regarding to whom you assigned the activity, the score (if applicable), the status, the due date (if you applied one), and your ability to edit or delete the item. When you edit the item, you can only adjust the Gradable and Due Date details. You cannot access placement details; therefore, if you cannot remember where you designated the item to go in the Course Syllabus, you cannot redirect the student to that content piece in the ACTIVITIES area. If you create a For Me folder and place student support work in a For Me folder, you can direct your students to that folder as necessary.


Lincoln Learning Solutions courses are set up as continuous courses. If you place a due date on an activity you assign to a student through the CLIPBOARD, that due date is not applicable. Rather, the due date will be issued based on the folder in which you place the activity and the start and end dates of the course. Placing all work in the For Me folder will make the work due at the end of the course. If you place work in another folder, it may show as past due if the projected timeframe for that folder has passed. Keeping due dates unchecked prevents due dates or past due tags from being assigned to an activity.


If you make items gradable that you assigned through the CLIPBOARD, this can alter other due dates in the course. You are adding to the syllabus, and established due dates are projected by the start and end dates in the course. Thus, the more activities you add, the more the due dates may vary.


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