Grading Student Work in Learning Tree

This resource summarizes how teachers can use the Speed Grader to grade student work in Learning Tree.

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In Learning Tree, a Speed Grader is an easy-to-access area where teachers can see and grade any items needing their attention.


There are two types of Speed Graders within the Learning Tree LMS.

  1. All Communities Speed Grader
  2. Single Community Speed Grader

All Communities Speed Grader

This Speed Grader, found on your Communities Landing Page, will populate gradable items requiring teacher attention across all communities.

Single Community Speed Grader

Found on a Community’s Landing Page, this Speed Grader will populate gradable items requiring teacher attention in that community only.


TIP: You can also access items needed to be graded in Activities to Grade on your Community Landing Page.


Prior to grading student work, you must first click on the Speed Grader. For this example, we are using the Speed Grader found on the Communities Landing Page.

NOTE: The number on the Speed Grader denotes the number of items to be graded.

Within the Speed grader, you will find the items to be graded and a variety of ways to filter them.

You can filter by the community’s name, what type of activity it is, the activity name, and the student’s name.

You can also filter by the day, week, or month the activity was submitted in relation to the current date. Or, you can see all the activities at once.


When using Lincoln Empowered, you will be expected to grade two types of items.

  1. Upload assessments
  2. Extended-text or essay questions found within online assessments

NOTE: Both items require students to produce and submit authentic work.

Upload Assessments

Within the Speed Grader, click on the upload assessment.

Navigate to the ASSIGNMENT SUBMISSION tab.

Under Documents, download the attachment.

Open and review the student’s submission.

You can choose to provide feedback in the FEEDBACK tab. Remember to click Post to save your feedback.

Once you have reviewed the student’s submission, type in a score out of the Max score. Click Save Score when finished.

After you save the score, the item will be removed from all Speed Graders.


Extended-Text Questions

Within the Speed Grader, click on an online assessment containing an extended-text question.

In the Assessment tab, you can read the question, see the student’s response, provide the score out of the Rubric Score, and give question-level feedback.

Optionally, you can choose to provide assessment-level feedback in the FEEDBACK tab. Remember to click Post to save your feedback.

Once you have scored the question and provided the amount of feedback you’d like, click SUBMIT SCORING.

After you submit the score, the item will be removed from all Speed Graders.


Other grading options in the Speed Grade are as follows:


If a student accidentally submits the assessment prematurely, you can re-open the assessment for them. This will allow them to re-access and finish the work without losing prior progress.


Selecting Notes will allow you to use the accompanying text editor and text box to take personal notes regarding the assessment. These notes are not visible to the student and remain saved within the student’s assessment for your future use if needed.


Resetting a student’s assessment wipes out the student’s score and allows the student to retake the assessment. You will be able to see a history of the student’s assessment scores, but the only score saved is the most recent score.


Excusing a student from an activity will remove it from the student’s report card, and the activity will not count toward the final grade.

NOTE: Click here for more information regarding excusing students from graded activities in Learning Tree.

Edit Score

Edit Score populates a pop-up which allows you to score the assessment if it has not already been scored. In a previously scored assessment, it allows you to edit the original score.c

NOTE: The Edit Score button is only an option in upload assessments and graded assignments.

IMPORTANT: Clicking Edit Score keeps the original score but allows you to change the original score if you choose.


Once you submit a score for an upload assessment, the Re-Score button will populate. Click the Re-Score button to begin re-scoring the assessment.

Are you sure you wish to rescore? If so, click Yes, Please rescore this activity!

You now can change the score and click Save Score when finished.

IMPORTANT: When you click the Re-Score button, it’s as if the activity has not been graded. It will continue to populate in the Speed Grader until you change and save the score.

NOTE: Click here for more information regarding re-scoring upload assessments and extended-text questions within Learning Tree.

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