Group Filtering in Buzz

This article is designed to help you apply the filtering options in the four main areas of Buzz.

Have you adjusted visibility or requirements for different groups within your course? Buzz makes it easy to filter your Gradebook, People page, Clipboard, and Activities to see group details.


If you have made visibility adjustments to activities and assessments for specific groups in your class, you can see these details in the Gradebook.

Click the filter icon.

From here, you can select the Group you would like to review. Doing so will adjust your Gradebook so you are viewing the students, activities, and assessments associated to the selected group.

You can now see how much of the course content, including non-graded items, this group of students has completed.

NOTE: Any items that have been excused for this group will not be displayed, and any items added for this group will be displayed.

When you are done, remember to select CLEAR FILTER to return all students to your Gradebook view. Your Gradebook will retain your latest filtering option.


Groups can also be monitored from the People page by selecting the filtering feature.

Select the Group you would like to review.

From here, you can see pace, progress, score, and self-reflection. You can also choose Display Options to adjust the visible columns. To see the column options that can be selected, review Display Options in People article.

When you are done, remember to select CLEAR FILTER to return all students to your People view. Your People page will retain your latest filtering option.


Sending supplemental material, badges, tasks, and messages to groups can be done in the Clipboard. Select the Clipboard icon from the top tool bar.

Click the drop-down arrow next to Groups to see a list of all your groups by course.

You can also click the drop-down arrow to the right of each group name to quickly see all students associated to a group.

Click the icon next to the group name to add the students from that group to your clipboard.

From here, you can easily personalize learning for this group of students by adding activities, awarding badges, or sending tasks or messages.

TIP: To learn more about these features, watch Personalized Learning: Clipboard.


If the Editor was used to hide activities, use Group Filtering in the Activities view to easily see what items have been hidden for each group.

Using the Activities view, select the filter by group icon from the top toolbar, and then choose a group from the drop-down menu.

Now you can review the activities exactly as they display for the group. Notice, the hidden item eye icon indicates the item has been hidden from this group of students.

With these filtering options, you will be able to focus on your specific student groups while navigating the various sections of Buzz.


Visit these Help Center videos and articles for more information on groups.

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