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This article provides information about the Lincoln Learning Solutions Parent and Teacher Guide.

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Feature Overview

A Parent and Teacher Guide is a product that accompanies our K-5 core courses to give a parent, teacher, guardian, coach, or whoever is working with the student additional information and activities to enrich the student experience. 

Top Facts

  1. The guides are set up by lesson.
  2. The guides include extension activities.
  3. The guides provide the adult with ways to engage the student through the courses; even if the adult is not an educator, the adult can feel empowered that they are providing their student with an exceptional educational experience.
  4. The guides are included with core courses grades K-5. 

Why were these guides created?

These guides were created to accompany our K-5 courses so students would have more opportunities to work away from the screen and so the adult working with the student would have additional important information. The guides offer the adult additional educational information, questions to ask, and extension activities. They also provide tips for the adults to submit work and navigate the curriculum.

General Details

These guides walk users through each day’s lessons with ideas of how to:

  • activate your students’ prior knowledge so that you can build on what they already know.
  • engage your students with the components of the curriculum. 
  • help your student demonstrate their understanding of the key concepts taught in the lessons.

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