Progress Monitoring as an Observer in Buzz

This article highlights the tools observers can use to monitor a student’s activity in a course.

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To monitor a student in the Observer Role, click Choose Student located in the Main Menu. You will be prompted to choose a student. Select the student whose progress who you would like to monitor.

NOTE: You can only observe one student at a time.  

You will be taken to the selected students home page. You are now observing your student with an over-the-shoulder view.

Progress Monitoring through Grades

In the Main Menu, select Grades to see more in-depth information regarding the student’s grades.

This will bring up your students grades across all courses in which they are enrolled. Here you can see your students current Score, as well as bars showing progress of both gradable and all activities.

Click on a Course for more information regarding the gradebook details. From here, you can click on any Score to see the Grade details.

Activity Tab

To see how much time and what your student has been working on in the Course, select the Activity tab.

You can see what the student was working on by date, what time they started working on that activity, and how long they spent on that activity.

Objective Mastery Tab

The Objective Mastery tab will show what objectives your student has mastered and what ones they are working on.

Progress Monitoring through Activities

You can also dive deeper into your student’s course by clicking Main Menu, then Activities.

Under Activities, you can see the Last visited and Up next activities, as well as navigate to specific items within the course. The green checkmark identifies the item has been completed.

TIP: Use the Search bar to locate a specific item.

Progress Monitoring in the Activity Stream

From the Home page, click on the Activity Stream tab.

In the Activity Stream, you will be able to see correspondences from the teacher, such as assessment feedback and announcements.

You can click on an assignment, scroll down, and click View Grade Details.

The details to that assignment will generate.

From here, you can print this information by clicking on the printer icon in the right-hand corner. When you are done, click the X in the left-hand corner.

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