Lincoln State Empowered Curriculum Overview

This article provides information about Lincoln Learning Solutions' state standard-aligned curriculum.

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Lincoln Learning Solutions offers state standard-driven core courses. These courses are built entirely from state-specific standards and demonstrate a complete alignment to the given standard frameworks. By default, state courses contain a mixture of auto-graded assessments with automatic feedback that are scored by the learning management system, as well as teacher-graded assessments, where appropriate, in the courses and in the Mastery Assessments. Some courses also include a hidden folder containing additional activities where students can apply their knowledge across concepts by creating authentic work.


  1. The state course model was created to address the mandates of individual states for meeting their specific graduation requirements and to address relevant academic initiatives.
  2. Currently, there are state-specific core courses available for enrollment in the areas of Mathematics, English Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies.
  3. Courses are offered in the semester format only. Each semester contains six Modules worth of content.
  4. State courses contain a Course Resources folder, Module folders full of state-driven lesson content and assessments, and when applicable, an Apply Its folder with opportunities for authentic work.
  5. State courses contain Checkpoint Assessments in every fifth lesson and Mastery Assessments at the module level. These allow students to gauge understanding of previous lesson content and assure adequate progress is being made within the course. The assessments, like the content, are written to state standards and assure mastery.


Lesson Structure

  • Module > Lesson > Learning Object

Learning Object Design

Lessons are driven by behavioral, age-appropriate learning objectives that are based on subject and grade-appropriate state standards. The content is supported by text, imagery, audio, and video. Courses include a Course Resources folder that houses a course pacing guide and any other pertinent information to support the student. All objects are aligned with and tagged to the specific state standard(s).

Activity Time

  • Per lesson is an average of 30-60 minutes


  • 1 Lesson = 1 Day of learning (1 hour) per course


  • Lincoln Learning Solutions offers various state courses. All courses are delivered in the form of two semester-long course offerings. To review available courses, please contact your Solutions Specialist or Client Success Specialist.


  • Course content is tagged to the appropriate state standard(s) in the learning management system. 
  • Content comprehensively covers the state standards specified for the specific grade and subject area.


  • Graded course activities will be indicated as complete once they are submitted.
  • Activities are marked as complete after the student submits the activity. 


  • Formative assessments called Checkpoints can be found in every fifth lesson.
  • Summative assessments called Mastery Assess Its are found at the end of each module.
  • Point distribution in state courses is as follows:

     Grade Band 

     Checkpoint # Points 

     Mastery Assess It # Points 











Q: How are the standards determined for the state courses?

A: Adequate research occurs before the curation of state courses including reviewing the state department of education’s mandates and graduation requirements. State courses are developed similarly to nationally-aligned Empowered courses in that they are built from and driven by the standard frameworks. Behavioral learning objectives combine to meet the state standard. If necessary, new state-specific content is developed at the learning objective level to meet any gaps in the standard sets. 

Q: What if I decide I would like more authentic assessments?

A: Clients can add additional authentic work by adding their own supplementary documents and activities as well as by making Show Its and Apply Its gradable. The decision to incorporate more authentic work is determined during implementation.


Lincoln Learning Solutions is continuously developing state-specific courses. Currently, we offer state-standard aligned courses for the following states:

  • Ohio