Tips for Adding Additional Activities in Learning Tree

This resource provides tips for teachers on how to add additional activities into their Learning Tree content.

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As a teacher, you may want to supplement your students’ learning by adding additional activities, such as videos, online resources, and more.

Add Activity

To add activities, begin in the Learning tab of your community.

Identify in what Topic (Lesson) you want to add the activity and select the More Options icon.

From the pop-up menu, select Add Activity.

From the Select Activity Type pop up, select which activity type you would like to add to your topic.

NOTE: Click here for more information regarding the types of activities you can add in Learning Tree. 

Once you have completed the steps for your chosen activity, click Save.

 You will now see the activity at the bottom of that topic. 

Reordering Content

After you have added your activity, you may want to move the activity to another place within the course.

NOTE: Click here for more information regarding reordering content in Learning Tree.

Publishing the Added Activity

WARNING: Although you will see the activity in the course, it will not be visible to students without further action from you.

To publish the activity so it is visible and accessible to the student, click the Publish and Activate toggles on the activity.

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