Understanding the To-Do List

This article identifies the different ways students can find assignment due dates in their learning management system.

Within each learning management system (LMS), there are a variety of ways to find out when assignments are due. Click on your LMS below to find out how you can view what items are due in your Lincoln Learning course.

If you do not see your LMS listed, visit your LMS help center for assistance.


Within Buzz, you can find assignments that are due on the To-Do List, Calendar, and by emailing your teacher.


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To-Do List

The To-Do List shows all activities with due dates coming up within seven days or past a due date and can be found on the Buzz Home page and the Course homepage.

TIP: The to-do list is generated by either your teacher (ranged course) or by the system based on your start and end date and number of activities in the course (continuous course). 

WARNING: Verify with your teacher if your due dates are soft (flexible) or hard (no late submissions).

IMPORTANT: Graded items from the To-Do List should only be completed after you have completed the course content leading up to the assessment. Learning objects like the Read It will help you prepare for your Assess It. 

Understanding the To-Do List with LLS Teacher Facilitators

IMPORTANT: The information in this section applies to courses facilitated by Lincoln Learning Solutions (LLS) Teacher Facilitators. Click here to learn more about LLS Teacher Facilitators.


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What is the To-Do List?

The To-Do List is a reminder for students to see when graded Assess Its are due.

TIP: The To-Do list is generated by your start and end dates and number of activities in the course. These are suggested due dates for graded assessments only. You are not penalized for turning in assessments after the due date.

There are two places the student can view the To-Do List:

  • Buzz Home page
  • Course Home page

WARNING: The To-Do List does not include any other lesson content. You will want to complete all lesson content occurring before the graded assessment.

NOTE: It will not only show what Assess Its are upcoming but also ones that are past due.

How To Use the To-Do List

Review your To-Do List to stay on track with Assess It goal dates. If you navigate to an Assess It from the To-Do List, it is important you have completed the content activities to prepare for the graded Assess It.

In the example below, the To-Do List shows the upcoming graded Identifying Collective Nouns - Assess It.

Navigating to the course Activities, you will notice there are three learning objects prior to the Assess It: 

  • Identifying Collective Nouns - Teach It
  • Identifying Collective Nouns - Read It
  • Identifying Collective Nouns - Practice It

Completing them will help you prepare for the Assess It.

TIP: You will want to work on all parts of the lesson before completing the Assess It.

NOTE: The To-Do list should not be used to navigate the course content. To navigate through your course, make sure you use Activities. 

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The student’s Calendar is a visual and written representation of what items are due and when. It shows all due and past due activities across all courses. View How do I use my Buzz Calendar? to learn more.

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Teacher Email

Another way to find out what is due is to simply email your teacher and ask. You can easily do this within any area of your Lincoln Learning course. Review the How do I use the Communication tool? resources to learn more about communicating with your teacher.

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Within Canvas, you can find the items that are due on the To Do list, Calendar, and by contacting your teacher.

To Do

To Do items are items on which you or your teacher have placed a due date.

Additional Canvas Resources

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The Canvas Calendar allows you to see items on which the teacher has placed due dates and items you have added to the Calendar. See the Calendar resources in the Canvas Students Guides to learn more.

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In Canvas, you can email your teacher using the Inbox as another way to find out what is due in your Lincoln Learning course. Review the Canvas Inbox Student Guides for more information.

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Learning Tree

In Learning Tree, you can see what items are due by checking your To-Do List or by messaging your teacher.

To-Do List

The To-Do List shows activities which your teachers have scheduled or placed due dates on.

IMPORTANT: Activities have either no due dates or hard due dates. Hard due dates mean your teacher has scheduled the activity, and once the due date and time passes, students who have yet to complete the activity will be locked out. If this happens, students will need to contact their teacher for further assistance.

Review the Your Home Screen: To Do List to learn more. 


Using the Messages feature is an easy way to reach out to your teacher to see when items are due. View the Messages resource for more information.

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