Viewing Teacher Support Material in Buzz

This article explains how to access teacher support material for grading Upload Assessments in Buzz.

NOTE: Answer Keys (AKs) are not always directly built within the Assess Its. In Online Assessments (i.e. Mastery Assessments), the multiple choice, multiple answer, matching, and ordering questions have guided feedback included within the questions. Essay questions include suggested answers or guidance on grading.

In an Upload Assessment, the teacher support material for grading is not directly incorporated into the Assess It. Rather, we recommend that a teacher finds the associated Show It Answer Key, Apply It Answer Key, or an Assess It Answer Key. Review the job aid below for additional information.

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Open the Activity you are grading by clicking the title.

You will be viewing as the student. Click Viewing as: to change the view of the item from the student to yourself.

Choose Myself (Teacher) in the View this activity as menu.

Scroll to the bottom of the Activity. Click PREVIOUS ACTIVITY to take you to the corresponding Show It AK.

IMPORTANT: If you are in an elementary course with Assess It AKs, you can use NEXT ACTIVITY to navigate to the Assess It AK.

If your Answer Key contains a PDF, you can download or print



IMPORTANT:  If your Answer Key does not contain a PDF, try using the Print feature within your browser to save or print.  The Destination can be changed to Save to PDF, Save to Google Drive, or select your printer

Save to Google Drive for a PDF is also completed using these steps. 

If you do not see all options, additional add-ins may need to be applied to your browser. 

Once you have a copy of the Answer Key to reference, return to grade the assessment by clicking the arrow in the upper-left corner of the Activity.

You can now reference the Answer Key while grading.


Click the Activity you are grading (found in the top portion of the grading window).

Copy the location (in this example, Lesson 7).

Open an Incognito window for Google Chrome (three vertical dots in the upper right of the Chrome window or use Ctrl+Shift+N).

In the Incognito window, log in to your course again and go to the Editor of the course for which you are grading.

In the upper-right section of the page, click the Find Activity button.

Paste the Lesson you copied from the original window to search for it.

Click OK to navigate to the lesson.

Open the folder and look for the hidden Show It AK or Assess It AK. Hidden learning objects will be denoted with an icon of a red eye with a slash through it.

Click the three dots to the right of the Activity (AK), then select Preview.

You can now review the Activities in the lesson again and check out any hidden AKs.

NOTE: The hidden eye icon indicates hidden content.

TIP: Since you have a Google Chrome Incognito window and a Google Chrome window open, you can now toggle back and forth between windows to grade and review teacher support material with ease. 


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