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This article details how to use the visibility settings for all users in the Buzz Editor.

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Within the Editor, there are multiple ways to adjust the visibility settings.

Change Visibility

Clicking the eye icon from the Syllabus tab of the Editor changes the visibility for the selected folder or activity. When a slash is shown through the eye, the folder or activity is visible to Teachers only. When no slash is shown, the piece is visible to students, teachers and observers.

TIP: From the Syllabus tab of the Editor, you can also see the visibility settings for the selected folder or activity in the right panel. This panel can be expanded and collapsed as desired.

Edit Settings

You can also adjust the visibility setting within the edit screen of a folder or activity. Click the pencil icon next to the eye to go to the edit screen.

TIP: You can also double-click the folder name to edit.

Click the SETTINGS tab along the top.

Locate the Visibility and access tile and click on the arrow to expand the options.

Click the drop-down menu in the Activity is visible to field to change who can view.


You will be able to select from one of three options:

  • Students, teachers and observers will make the activity visible to all users.
  • Teacher and observers will make the activity visible to only those who are teaching or observing students. Thus, it will not be visible to students.
  • Teachers only will make the activity visible to only those who are teaching the course.

Below the drop-down menu, a few other options can be selected by clicking the checkbox next to the option.

Hide from table of contents If this option is selected, the activity will not be visible in the table of contents. It can still be viewed via a course link or bookmark when this option selected.
Block access until student completes other activity Selecting this option allows you to select an activity from the course that students must complete before they can have access to the current activity.
Block access until student masters objective(s) Selecting this option allows you to select an objective for which students must show mastery before they can have access to the current activity.
Student must enter a password to view this activity Selecting this option allows you to set a password the student must enter before they can view the current activity.

Once you have made your adjustments, click SAVE in the upper right.

Group Settings

Within the Editor, navigate to the GROUP SETTINGS tab.

IMPORTANT: You must have groups set up before these steps are applicable. For information on setting up groups please visit the Creating Groups article.

Within Group Settings, you will see a list of all course folders along with established groups for the course. By clicking the eye icon, you can quickly hide course content for a single student or a group of students.

If you want to hide activities within a folder, click on the folder and a list of all activities housed inside will open in a new screen. Again, click the eye icon to hide content from a specific group of students. When you are finished, click the arrow beside the folder name to access the navigation menu.

TIP: If you want to learn how to assign work by groups, please watch Using Groups Part 2: Assigning Work by Groups Video.


Once you have adjusted the visibility of an activity, you can check your adjustments in the Activities area of the course. If you have chosen to hide an activity, it will no longer appear in the activity list for those in which it has been hidden. However, you will see the following icon next to the hidden activity to indicate that the object is not visible to all.

The eye with strike through it indicates the activity is visible in the Table of Contents and hidden from students but visible to teachers and observers or teachers only.

TIP: Watch Adjusting Visibility and Gradebook Settings video above for additional support.

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