What is a Learning Object?

This resource defines a learning object (LO) and highlights the different types of LOs.

Lincoln Empowered is made up of learning objects. These learning objects can be assigned independently, but when they are arranged in courses, they create rich lessons. Not all learning objects are the same. Each learning object type provides students with a different approach to learning. These varied approaches will keep students on their toes, creating an experience that is fun--and more importantly, engaging!

The video below defines a learning object (LO) and explores how it can be used. Click the Play button below to get started. Or, click here for additional written directions.


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Each lesson will contain a variety of learning objects. Some of the objects are considered essential while others are enhancements. The Read It and/or Teach It is the main instructional text of the lesson and is an essential part of learning. To demonstrate mastery of the content taught in the Read It and/or Teach It, students must submit all Assess Its within a course. Submission of all assessments is the only requirement for successful completion of a course.

Completing a Show It, Apply It, and/or Practice It is also important. These learning objects allow students to demonstrate their understanding of the content in a low-stakes manner as these objects are not graded. The other learning objects found within a lesson (Watch It, Play It, Reinforce It, and Extend It) are meant for supplemental learning


Let’s take a peek at the different types of learning objects students might encounter in a course. 

Read Its are the primary learning tools within a course. Each Read It provides the essential instructional content to support a specific learning objective. Each Read It has an accompanying Show It and Answer Key. The Read It will also be accompanied by an Assess It when student work will be graded.

Teach Its provide a real “teacher voice” for students in kindergarten through fifth grade. These learning objects are intended to guide the learner through the Read It content. Teach Its call out specific elements to which students may need to pay special attention. Teach Its may also help to clarify the content. Students should focus on either the Read It or Teach It as the instructional portion of the lesson.

To learn more about Teach Its, see the Teach It Information Sheet.

Practice Its provide the opportunity for students to practice new skills and concepts. These learning objects contain online and offline activities and problem sets. Answers are immediately provided within Practice Its.
Show Its are non-graded activities that allow students to demonstrate mastery of a specific learning objective. Teachers can elect to make Show Its gradable. Each Show It has an accompanying Answer Key.
Answer Keys provide correct answers and detailed feedback. Each Show It and Apply It will have an associated Answer Key. If teachers make a Show It or Apply It gradable, they can hide Answer Keys from students. Answer Keys are often available for Reinforce Its and Extend Its as well.
Apply Its are non-graded assessments that cover content from multiple lessons. Apply Its are cumulative projects that allow students to demonstrate mastery of several learning objectives and/or standards. Teachers can elect to make these gradable. Each Apply It has an accompanying Answer Key.

Assess Its are graded assessments that allow students to demonstrate mastery. They appear as online or uploaded assessments. Mastery Assess Its are larger, topic-based online assessments. Mastery Assess Its include question types such as multiple choice, multiple answer, ordering, matching, and essay.

Click here for help with submitting an Online Assessment.

Click here for help with submitting an Upload Assessment.

Teacher Note: If a lesson has an Assess It, the other related non-graded learning objects, aside from the Read It, will be hidden from students.

Watch Its contain engaging videos to support the lesson content and enhance the student learning experience.
Play Its contain exciting, standards-aligned games to reinforce skills.
Reinforce Its are designed to reinforce specific concepts and skills. These objects provide an alternate approach to learning.
Extend Its are designed to help students extend their knowledge in specific content areas.


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