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This article highlights the Buzz learning management system (LMS).

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When you log in to Buzz, the To-Do Bar appears at the top of your Teacher App and displays the current date, items that need to be graded and Announcements. 

NOTE: The number in the red circle shows the number of assignments that need to be graded.

Selecting Needs Grading will bring you to the Needs grading page. The left panel contains a list of all the items that need to be graded in your courses. When you select an assignment, it will appear bolded in this list. Also, when you select an assignment, it will be displayed in the center panel. All of the grading tools will appear in the right panel. 

TIP: Watch the video Grading Student Work to learn more about these features.


The Announcements icon is found in the top banner.

Selecting the Announcements icon takes you to the Communication page. Here, you can view and send announcements to all of your students. All announcements appear in the left panel. Unread announcements appear bolded. Clicking an announcement highlights it in the left panel and displays it in the right panel.

TIP: To learn how to send an announcement to your students, refer to the Creating a Class Announcement article.


Below the To-Do Bar, you will see two view options for your courses, Course Card view and List view.

Course Card View

Option one is a grid view for all of your courses containing Course Cards.

Click a card to navigate to the Activities page for the course. You can also click the Activities icon to access the Activities page.

The additional icons allow you to access the Gradebook, Reports, People, Editor, and More Options areas for the specific course.

Under More Options you will find Edit course nickname and Hide course. For more information on these options, check out the Course Menu More Options article.

List View

Option two will provide you a list view of courses with a small thumbnail image of the Course Card.

Click a subject line to navigate to the Activities page for the course. You can also click the Activities icon to access the Activities page.

The additional icons allow you to access the same areas as the course cards for the specific course.


To access the Main Menu, click the navicon.

The Main Menu opens from the left. From there, you can select an icon to navigate within Buzz.

You can access the Main Menu from any page in Buzz. Your current page will be highlighted in gray and bolded.

Teacher App takes you back to the Home Page where the To-Do Bar and Course Cards are found.
Needs grading takes you to the list of assignments to be graded.

Notes allows you to collate any notes you may have created in the activities of your courses.

Communication takes you to the page to view, create, and edit course announcements for one, some, or all your courses. You can also send an email from this page.
Calendar takes you to a calendar, which is viewable by day, week, or month.
People takes you to a page that displays all students enrolled in your courses as well as their progress, pace, performance, score, and more.
Clipboard takes you to the clipboard, where you can send messages and award badges. You can also assign additional tasks to individual students or groups of students including personal resources or activities from the digital library.
Assessment Marker allows you to grade and mark up image files submitted by students using text, stickers, and other drawing tools.
Avatar Creator allows you to create a cartoon avatar. Your avatar will appear in the upper-right corner of the screen.
Tutorials directs you to the Lincoln Learning Solutions Tutorials, which will help you navigate Buzz, grade student work, customize your courses, and utilize Teacher Tools.
Support directs you to Lincoln Learning Solutions Support Page, where you can get in touch with a representative or view Help Center articles and videos.
Help, which is found at the bottom of the Main Menu, will open the Buzz Help Tool.

All of your courses are listed between Technical Support and Help sections of the Main Menu.

You can select a course, and it opens another menu that gives you access to Activities, Gradebook, Reports, People, and the Editor. Notice that this list is the same as the options found on your Course Card, minus those options found in the More Options section.

The top of this menu contains a horizontal selection of the Main Menu icons.

TIP: Clicking the course name brings you back to the Main Menu.

Lincoln Learning Solutions Tutorials

Clicking the Tutorials icon from the Main Menu will open a new screen that displays a list of the Lincoln Learning Solutions Tutorials. These tutorials offer support for navigation, grading, course content, and teacher tools.


Clicking the support (life preserver) icon from the Main Menu opens a new screen that displays Lincoln Learning Solutions SUPPORT page.

From here, you can request a chat or send a message with questions or concerns regarding logins and passwords and/or curriculum.

Buzz Help Tool

Click Help at the bottom of the Main Menu to access the Buzz Help Tool.

The Buzz Help Tool provides suggested help topics as well as a search bar to locate information on a specific topic.

You can also find the help question mark icon, which will open the Buzz Help Tool in the top toolbar while navigating Buzz.


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