Adding a Discussion Board in Buzz

This article explains how to add a Discussion Board to course content.


Click on the Editor icon on the Home Page or, if already in a course, from the Main Menu.

In the Editor, navigate to the folder where you want to add the discussion board.

Click the plus icon.

A new window opens where you can select the type of content you want to add.

Select Discussion.

In the ACTIVITY tab, you can enter information about the discussion board.

The Title is the name of the discussion board that appears to students.

The Content holds the directions and prompt to which you want your students to respond.

Next, click the SETTINGS tab for options to customize how your students will experience the discussion board.

Under Activity settings, decide if you want to:

  • Allow users to edit their own posts.
  • Allow the instructor to delete a post.
  • Create a non-threaded discussion.
  • Allow students to create new threads.
  • Use student groups you have already created.

Gradebook and submission allow you to make the discussion board gradable and will add it as an activity in the gradebook. Read Buzz Editor: Creating Assessments article to learn more about making an activity gradable.

TIP: For additional details on other Setting options, please read the Activity Settings article.

Once you have entered information for the discussion board and selected your settings, you can preview and save it. Click PREVIEW to see how the discussion board will appear and SAVE if you are finished.


From within Activities, open the folder that contains the Discussion Board.

Click on the Discussion Board title to open.

The original question and a thread of answers appears.

To read the full answer, click SHOW MORE.


TIP: Another way to expand the response is by clicking on the Expand all icon.

To respond, click on the reply icon to the right of the thread.

Messages can also be deleted using the trash can icon.

The reply can include text, images, and even attachments.

TIP: For more detailed information on the buttons found in the text editor, please see the Buzz Text Editor Options article.

To add the reply to the discussion board, click the POST button.

Grading a Discussion Board

To grade a Discussion Board, first mark the activity as gradable in the settings.

In the editor of the course, find the Discussion Board activity. Click on the pencil icon to the right of the activity.

Navigate to the SETTINGS tab at the top of the page.

On the Gradebook and submission tile, be sure the box next to This activity is gradable is checked.

You can change the properties of this gradable item once the box is marked.

Once a gradable Discussion Board item is completed by a student, you will see the item displayed as a notification in the NEEDS GRADING area of the Home page of the Teacher App. Click on this notification area to take you to the assignment that needs to be graded.

You can find the submitted assignment in the gradebook. To navigate to the gradebook, click on the Gradebook icon on the Home Page. If you are already in the course, click on the icon from the Main Menu.

For more information on grading the Discussion Board assignment, please review the Grading Student Work article or the Using the Gradebook article.


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