Creating and Using Agendas in Buzz

This article highlights the steps for creating and using agendas in your course.

Below, you'll find information for an Agenda Overview, Creating Agendas, Formatting Agenda Items, and Duplicating Agendas Across Resources.


IMPORTANT: You must Enable Agendas to use these features.

Located on the Course Home Page, Agendas can highlight reminders and upcoming events for students.

Add Agenda items by clicking the pencil icon. To use an item in another course, Duplicate the Agenda item by selecting the double square icon. To view a different week, select the Calendar.

Enable Agendas

To enable Agendas, open Editor from the Course Card or in the List View.

NOTE: You can also navigate to the Editor from the Main Menu.

Next, click the tools icon in the top toolbar.

Select Course settings from the drop-down menu.

Under the Course title, check the box next to Use agendas in this course to enable the agendas feature. Then select SAVE in the upper right.

NOTE: Agendas is now enabled in the course. Repeat the process for each course.


There are two ways to create and edit Agendas. One is from Activities and the other is from Calendar.


To access Agendas from Activities, click the Activities icon on the Course Card or in the List View or navigate from the Main Menu. The Agendas feature is located on the Course Landing Page below the course title and your teacher’s message (if your teacher left a message).

Using the Agendas feature, click on the Agendas calendar icon to expand the calendar to month view. Then, select the month and day for the agenda item.

Next, click the pencil icon to open the textbox editor. Formatting Agenda Items is found later in this document.


To access Agendas from Calendar, select Calendar in the Main Menu.

Next, select a date for the agenda item in the calendar.

Click the Add agenda icon in the top toolbar. A pop-up menu populates with courses that have enabled agendas.

Select the desired course from the open list. Formatting Agenda Items details follow.


The text editor is the same for creating Agenda items from Activities or Calendar.

To create an Agenda item, begin by typing the reminder or event details to be shared with students.

Format the details through the Text Editor options. Hover over each symbol to learn more about the function.

TIP: For more details on Text Editor features, read the Buzz Text Editor Options article.

Linking to Items in Agenda

To insert an item in the Agenda, select the link icon. Options are available to insert a course activity, course resource, or website link.

Course Activity

Using the Course activity link, you can select a single activity in the course. First, select the drop-down menu.

Next, locate and click on the desired activity from the syllabus layout.

The Text will automatically populate once the activity is selected. An option is available to Open in a new window. Finally, select INSERT LINK.

Course Resources

Using the Course resource link, you can link to an existing resource or upload a new resource.

To use a previously uploaded resource, select Choose a course resource.

TIP: A list of course resources may automatically generate. If no resources are shown, you can Upload a resource.

Once you have selected a resource, click INSERT LINK. If the wrong resource is selected, simply click on Choose a course resource to select a different item.

Click Upload resource to upload a resource from your computer.

Next, click CHOOSE to select an item from your computer.

The File name will automatically populate to match the title from your computer. You can change the title for student view. Finally, select UPLOAD.

Website Link

To provide students with a website, copy and paste the website address under URL.

Next, enter a name or title for the website under Text. An option is available to Open in a new tab.

Click Insert.


It is possible to duplicate an agenda item across courses.

In Activities, find the agenda you would like to duplicate by using the drop-down calendar menu or the arrows to navigate through the days. The agenda for that day appears below.

Then, click the double square icon (copy).

A list of all your courses appears. Check the course(s) to copy the agenda item. Then, click DUPLICATE. The agenda item now appears in all selected courses.

CAUTION: Please be aware of the scenarios that follow before duplicating an agenda into another course.

Courses Without Agendas Turned On When a course is selected without the agenda feature enabled, the duplicated agenda item will appear only in the Calendar page.
Duplicate Override Duplicating an agenda to another course will override existing agendas in that course.
Duplication with Links If the links to activities are not found in the selected courses, they may not work in the duplicated agenda item.

TIP: To learn more about the Calendar Page, read the Using the Calendar article.


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