Setting Up for Success

This article provides guidance for setting up a successful student structure when using Lincoln Learning Solutions (LLS) products and services.

Setting up for Success

Implementing a successful support structure for your students will help your school year run smoothly.                                                                                             

Student-Centered Design

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Lincoln Learning Solutions

Lincoln Learning Solutions is an online curriculum and service provider that delivers educational content to students in a variety of learning environments. As your partner, we provide client support throughout the year. This includes setup, professional development, and general client questions.


Mentors provide direct support to students. Client schools can divide the support role into a Student Primary Mentor and Client Program Mentor. For smaller programs, this may be the same staff member.

Student Primary Mentor

  • Define pacing schedule (how much to complete each day)
  • Set student goals (weekly accomplishments, academic goals)
  • Monitor student activity (how often they are logging in and keeping pace)
  • Progress monitoring (how successful the student is with meeting goals like pacing and mastery)
  • Guide and answer non-content questions (system, navigation, pacing, technical, program, schedule)
  • Define who is the content specialist (the teacher)
  • Communicate LLS Teacher Facilitator expectations with students if using this service
  • Define who is supporting special education needs
  • Contact Client Program Mentor when unable to answer questions
  • Setup in person or virtual meetings weekly
  • Add, drop, and request completion of student’s enrollment

Client Program Mentor

  • Client Program Mentor – supports all primary student mentors
  • Contact Client Success Specialist (CSS) when unable to answer questions
  • Communicate LLS Teacher expectations with district


Teachers provide student support with content and grading.

A Client Teacher is a client staff member who is teaching the Lincoln Empowered courses.

An LLS Teacher Facilitator is an LLS staff member who is facilitating the Lincoln Empowered courses. Click here to learn more about LLS Teacher Facilitators.

Click here to learn how our Virtual Liaisons can add an additional layer of support for students using LLS Teacher Facilitators 

For additional support regarding Teaching Entities, click here.

Teacher of Record         

Clients can use our LLS Teacher Facilitators to facilitate courses but must appoint a client staff member as a Teacher of Record. LLS Teacher Facilitators cannot serve as the Teacher of Record. An alternative option is that clients can use their teachers to teach their own versions of Lincoln Empowered courses. Click here to learn more about the Teacher of Record.

Setting Expectations

Client School Expectations

How to Support Expectations

  • Onboarding your students
    • Lincoln Learning Solutions’ Buzz Student Orientation Course
    • Family Sessions (LLS PD is happy to co-host these sessions with you)
    • Client Student Orientation
  • Family communication
    • Outline the program expectations
    • Outline timelines
    • Consider having families and students sign the acknowledgement of these expectations

Learning More:

Learn more about Establishing a Successful K-12 Program by clicking here to open our White Paper.

Who to Contact?

Student’s Primary Contact: Client Mentor

  • General navigation
  • Course material questions
  • Course progression goals
  • Understanding pacing
  • Course enrollment

Student’s Primary Content Contact: Teacher

  • Specific course content/assessment questions or concerns
  • Course expectation questions
  • Incorrect answer clarifications
  • Feedback or grading clarifications

Client’s Primary Contact: Client Success Specialist

  • General curriculum questions and offerings
    • (e.g. pacing guide location, what is an Read It, etc.)
  • General system questions/issues
    • (e.g. navigation, pacing, submitting assignments, system requirements, etc.)
  • Course material questions
  • Enrollment questions
  • New course releases
  • Report questions and requests
  • Invoice questions

Helpful information to include when corresponding with Lincoln Learning:

  • Description of issue
  • Course name associated to issue
  • Student name/username
  • Activity name (if applicable)
  • Include images (if applicable)

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