Lincoln Learning Solutions Teacher Facilitator Overview

The purpose of this article is to highlight the Lincoln Learning Solutions (LLS) Teacher Facilitators.

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What is an LLS Teacher Facilitator?

Clients can enroll students into classes supported by our LLS Teacher Facilitators.

Lincoln Learning Solutions hires qualified teachers to facilitate courses. These teachers are certified in a state in their content area. This may not be your state. LLS Teacher Facilitators complete grading and provide content support for students within their classes.

Our expert teaching staff uses best practices, teacher tools, and individualized support to help students progress through their courses.

LLS Teacher Facilitators adhere to Lincoln Learning internal guidelines and evidenced-based practices when facilitating our LLS courses.

What an LLS Teacher Will Provide

Grading Student Work

LLS Teacher Facilitators will grade student work and provide feedback within two business days. This does not include weekends or holidays.

Teachers will provide a numeric score as well as written feedback to help the student improve.

NOTE: Feedback from the teacher can include question-level comments, overall assignment comments, a filled-out rubric, and/or comments within the student’s submitted file.

IMPORTANT: In extremely busy times of the year, it may take a little longer for teachers to return assignments. If this happens, teachers will post an announcement letting students know to expect a delay.


LLS Teacher Facilitators can be reached directly via email and will respond within one business day. This does not include weekends or holidays.

Students also have the option to send a message to their teachers directly via the Buzz LMS.

NOTE: An LLS Teacher Facilitator's email address can be found on the landing page of the student’s course as well as in the teacher’s Homeroom.

TIP: If a student has not heard back from a teacher within one business day, please check that the email address used was spelled correctly.

Office Hours and Appointments

Full-time LLS Teacher Facilitators hold virtual Office Hours each week where students can drop in and talk with their teacher in real-time.

All LLS Teacher Facilitators are available to schedule virtual appointments with students who can’t make it to the scheduled Office Hours.

Academic Honor Code

The LLS Honor Code focuses on the prevention of academic dishonesty and education of academic integrity.

Students can find information about the LLS honor code, as well as educational resources explaining what plagiarism is, how to avoid it, and how to properly cite outside sources, in each teacher’s Homeroom, the Student Orientation Course, and the Help Center.

NOTE: Click here for more information regarding the LLS Academic Honor Code.

Students who violate the honor code will receive a 0 on the assessment, but they will have the opportunity to resubmit the assessment for credit.

NOTE: Click here to view the LLS Honor Code.

Accommodation Requirements

Once LLS Student Support Services has received the documentation from the student’s school, they will communicate with the teachers to have the relevant accommodations or modifications applied to the student’s course.

Progress Monitoring

LLS Teacher Facilitators review their gradebooks and follow the progress of their students.

They will make note of students who are excelling, have recent low-scoring assignments, or have not logged into the course or completed any recent assignments, and they will reach out accordingly.

Teachers may offer positive feedback, send supplemental materials or resources, and/or invite the student to meet in a virtual appointment.

What a Lincoln Learning Solutions Teacher Can Not Provide

There are some limitations when using LLS Teacher Facilitators as they are not the teacher of record. Students have the best success when client schools support the students and understand any limitations that come with LLS Teacher Facilitators.

LLS Teacher Facilitators will not be able to modify and/or remove lessons or assessments from the courses.

While schools using their own teachers to facilitate LLS courses can alter or remove content, the LLS teacher-led courses are not permitted to be altered as they serve a variety of students and schools.

LLS Teacher Facilitators will not reset low-scoring work.

In general, assessment resets are not provided unless they are part of an IEP/GIEP/504.

If there is a unique circumstance, a district can contact its Client Success Specialist to discuss the situation.

NOTE: Teachers will allow resets for assignments where the student attached the incorrect file, an illegible file, or did not properly share a Google Doc/Google Drawing. In these cases, a zero is given and the student is instructed to resubmit to earn credit.

LLS Teacher Facilitators will not enforce a particular “pace” for students.

While LLS Teacher Facilitators will check in on students via progress monitoring, they will not focus on how quickly a student is working or encourage them to complete X assignments by X date.

LLS Teacher Facilitators will encourage students to make sure they are working toward the end date their school has set for them and direct them to reach out to their school mentor if they are unsure what that date is.

LLS Teacher Facilitators will not manually finalize a student without a request form.

In an LLS-taught course, a student will be automatically finalized if the student has:

  • 100% gradable completion
  • No retries available
  • All assessments are graded
  • 60% or higher overall grade

If you would like a student to be finalized who has not met the above criteria, use the web form to request it here. Please do not email the teachers directly to request a student be finalized.

NOTE: Read more about Course Finalization here.

Additional Resources

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